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Barking Carnival adds their analysis. An excerpt on defensive backs:

Defensive Backs: We already know we've got something great with Carrington ByndomQuandre Diggs,Adrian Phillips, and Kenny Vaccaro but there's a lot of young talent on this squad that may prevent us from suffering much when those guys start leaving.

Most of them had a few rough patches but I was particularly impressed with Leroy Scott. He was absolutely fearless in run support and filled the alley against Bergeron a few times with mixed results. Scott also ran under and robbed one of Case's poorer throws for the pick in the end zone.

Josh Turner also stole Case's candy when he demolished MikeD on the attempted fade route in the end zone. Cut off his path and then high pointed the ball while MikeD reached vainly like a little brother trying to recover the remote control and restore the disney channel to the screen.

I'm not sure who the 1st safety off the bench is when we go nickel but I don't think Thompson has nailed down that role just yet. Ideally we would field an athlete at Free Safety who could turn their hips and run with a #2 receiver downfield so we could play Phillips permanently in Gideon's spot. If someone can't do that, we'll just need to pick the headiest guy we have and slide Phillips over to Field Safety when Vaccaro drops down to play nickel.

We actually will miss Gideon if we can't find someone who can make good, quick decisions in coverage. For all his faults, teams haven't really hurt us down the middle in the last several years because Gideon frequently discouraged it through good positioning and route diagnosis. Likely we'll see a big upgrade from #21 but one of the young guys will have to overcome the factors that kept Blake out there for 4 years.


Go read the whole thing.

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